Vinyl Privacy Gate

Wholesale Vinyl Fencing offers the best vinyl privacy gates on the market. Our vinyl gate kits come with an internal steel frame. We developed the steel frame because we were getting customer call backs from gates basically falling apart. Privacy gates are too heavy and take on too much wind. If you don’t have a strong gate frame your gate will fall apart.

Vinyl Privacy With Lattice Gate

This gate goes with our privacy fence with lattice. These gates are generally made from the manufacture. They have reinforced blocks in the corners, the corners are bolted together. We can upgrade the gate to include our steel frames upon request. Please speak to a sales rep for details.

Melrose Vinyl Picket Gate

The picket fence gate is made from the manufacture. They are not kit gates, this gate is assembled and ready to hang. Please measure your gates before setting your post. It is important to get the right spacing before the post are set. Please do not assume, if you ordered a 4′ gate the gate is 4′. In some cases the gate is made to fit a 4′ opening.

Scalloped Melrose Vinyl Picket Gate

Our Picket fences do not come with kit gates. Our kit gates have internal steel frames. This can be upgraded if you ask but we do not offer it as a standard. Picket gates are light weight so the prefabricated gates have worked very well.

Savannah Vinyl Picket Gate

When you order this gate you will receive a preassembled gate. If you would like to upgrade your gate to a internal steel frame please let us know.

2 Rail Gate

Vinyl horse fence is a product that gets used and often times abused. This is why we decided to offer a kit gate with internal steel frames. Our gates are rigid, light weight and look beautiful. The top and bottom rail is 1.5×5.5 with a 10.5″ gap between the rails.

3 Rail Gate

When it comes to quality, Wholesale Vinyl Fencing knows best. Our 3 rail vinyl gate is the best on the market for its price. This gate comes with reinforced steel making it rigid and light weight. These gates are made for agriculture use. The top and bottom rail are 1.5×5.5 commercial grade vinyl with a 10.5″ space between rails.

4 Rail Gate

Commercial grade agriculture gates. This gate has 4 1.5×5.5 commercial grade, double ribbed rails. The spacing between rails is 9.5″.