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Simulated Stone Privacy Vinyl Fence

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Wholesale Vinyl Fencing


The fences lined up in front of your neighborhood Home Center offer a low grade fence at a premium price. We’ve all learned from the phrase “you get what you pay for,” and this is one of those instances. Wholesale Vinyl Fencing is designed, manufactured and engineered to provide customers the highest quality fencing today. Our materials exceed that of our competitors, composed of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Its UV inhibitors and additives make it impervious to the elements, yet flexible enough to resist cracking.

We offer the highest quality 2 rail, 3 rail and 4 rail vinyl fence at the lowest prices online! Our vinyl horse fence is commercial grade, durable and guaranteed to withstand the elements. At Wholesale vinyl fencing we know you will be pleased with your horse fencing for years to come!

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Our happy clients

The staff is very friendly and helpful, I was doing a fence project on my own and they helped walk me through it every step of the way! Also these were hands down the best prices on materials that I was able to find in a 250 mile radius.
I decided to install a vinyl fence myself around my house and for my neighbor. We saved over 5k doing it ourselves. Wholesale was very helpful, they walked us through the installation process, delivered the material the next day which really surprised me because they had to fabricate 4 gates. I am so pleased with the quality of material and their gates are super high quality.

Wholesale Vinyl Fencing & Vinyl Fence Panels

People ask us all the time “what is wholesale” to make this easy, wholesale is purchasing products in bulk so you can receive more discounts. If you purchase form a big box store you will not get a quantity discount. You will pay retail no matter how much you purchase.

Wholesale Vinyl Fencing sells to distribution centers, contractors and home owners. As you can imagine the discounts can vary greatly between each customer. Here at Wholesale Vinyl Fencing we value our customers so each and every one of you gets a discount off retail because we are so large. As your project size increases you will gain more discounts.

Why Wholesale Vinyl?

WholesaleFencing.Com is a national fence distributor with over 52 locations nationwide. We specialize in high quality, commercial grade fence materials. Contractors, distributors and Homeowners enjoy our high-quality products at discount pricing. You can save big buy buying in bulk or we can supply your home project at a fraction of the cost of our competitors due to our purchasing power. We only use American made heavy duty materials.