Privacy Vinyl Fence

When it comes to privacy, vinyl fence is a fantastic choice. Vinyl privacy fence offers 100% privacy. It is affordable and easy to install. Vinyl privacy fence has so many benefits. From wether resistance, to longevity, there isn’t a product on the market that will be as strong and last like a quality commercial grade vinyl privacy fence.

PVC Fence Panels

The fence panels you see at the big box stores offer one thing. CHEAP. Cheap is not always the best route to go. The pre-assembled panels at big box stores are not made with high extrusion standards. Check out our privacy fence page to see our extrusion process

Why Choose Vinyl Privacy Fence

There are many reasons to choose vinyl privacy fence over other fence products. You will save tons. Vinyl is an inexpensive materials with a lot of benefits. Most inexpensive materials are cheap for a reason. This is the exception. Vinyl looks great for at least 20 years. It is maintenance free and it offers true privacy.

Cedar fence will rot, discolor and shrink the first year it’s up. Cedar is beautiful day one but the work required to keep it beautiful is dreadful. You have to stain every year and even with that the fence will shrink and loose color. Why pay more money on a product that will fall apart.