How to Handle Damaged Material Returns During Shipping:

At Wholesale Vinyl Fencing we inspect every order that leaves the warehouse. After the materials have left our facility it is the trucking company’s responsibility to get it to you in good condition. Any shortage or damage must be noted on the bill of lading at the time of delivery. Wholesale Vinyl Fencing is not responsible for any damage or shortage caused by the delivery company. If customer requests incurs additional overtime, incurs a re-delivery fee, or uses other optional service from shipper, customer must contract these services directly with shipper and pay driver at time of delivery. In compliance with DOT guidelines, shipper only guarantees product to be free from damage when the truck drives onto the customers property. Customers are responsible for unloading the truck and assume full liability for damage to material while unloading – even if driver assists. Customer understands that each trucking company provides insurance for damaged or shorted material while in transit. If problems do occur, sign and mark the problem on the Bill of Lading. An insurance adjuster will be assigned in your area and you will be notified of the steps being taken. Make all claims promptly. Frequently an inspector will be sent out to see the damage or to note a shortage. It is the customer’s responsibility to seek reimbursement from the trucking company for any damages or shortages. Wholesale Vinyl Fencing will always try and help our customers any way we can.

Quantity Shortage:

Quantities are double checked before leaving the warehouse, when inspecting quantities purchasing customer must verify the load with the shipping driver and have the driver sign off to verify errors. Email or call Wholesale Vinyl Fencing if you feel you have been shorted materials, email verification that shorted materials are not the shipping companies fault. If customer does not verify quantity shortage with the driver customer is responsible for extra cost for material needed.

General Returns


Each job is cut specific to your project, this material is coming directly from the manufacture who has a strong no return policy on extra materials. For this reason we have to enforce the same policy.

If you decide to cancel your order after payment has been collected but you have not received any material, you will receive a refund after a 35% restock fee. If you received any material from the manufacture that material can’t be returned.

If you received a gate kit you will be responsible for the freight incurred for the delivery which is a flat rate of $55 per package and the expense of returning it back to us. There will be a 35% restock fee on returned gate kits. 

Orders that are canceled through Credit card dispute after payment has been processed and purchase orders have been created, we will dispute that claim with a 35% restock fee plus credit card cancelation fees. 

Terms and Conditions

By purchasing fencing from Wholesale Vinyl Fencing LLC. – The customer agrees to the following terms: Wholesale Vinyl Fencing, LLC. is not the installer of said project and is not a licensed contractor. Wholesale Vinyl Fencing, LLC. is the seller only, of vinyl products. Building code compliance permits, set back requirements, and property line issues are property owner’s responsibility to handle with county, city, state, and contractor as necessary Wholesale Vinyl Fencing, LLC. is held harmless from any disputes, litigation, disagreements, payments, or any problems that may arise, regarding faulty installation, property line disagreements, permits, set back requirements, swimming pool accidents or injuries, railing accidents or injuries, or any other problems regarding fence, deck or railing installation. This transaction shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of Idaho. The parties to this transaction hereby designate the state or federal courts of Bannock County, Idaho as the courts of proper jurisdiction and exclusive venue for any actions or proceedings relating to this transaction or any dispute in connection herewith; hereby irrevocably consent to such designation, jurisdiction, and venue; and hereby waive any objections or defenses relating to jurisdiction or venue with respect to any action or proceeding initiated in such courts. After Delivery, you are to inspect your materials in their completion for concealed damage or missing items. Customer will pay or reimburse Wholesale Vinyl Fencing, LLC for all costs and attorney’s fees paid or for which Wholesale Vinyl Fencing, LLC is responsible to the extent required to enforce this agreement or any provision hereof.

Warranty Guidelines

Wholesale Vinyl Fencing, LLC. does not warranty any product directly – all products are warranted by their respective manufacturer. Wholesale Vinyl Fencing, LLC. is not responsible for any warranty dispute that is the responsibility of the purchaser and the respective manufacturer. Wholesale Vinyl Fencing, LLC. has digital copies of the warranties on file – and we also send a copy with every fence order – please contact us for a copy if needed.


Purchaser has the sole responsibility to determine whether Wholesale Vinyl Fencing, LLC.’s products comply with applicable codes and is appropriate for the intended use – codes vary from city to city and state to state – The Purchaser and installer should review the intended use of the products with a licensed professional engineer to determine code compliance and the intended use.


Prices are exclusive of federal, state, or local taxes of any nature. The customer is responsible for paying Idaho sales tax even if your products ordered outside of Idaho – in Idaho, Wholesale Vinyl Fencing, LLC. will withhold sales tax and pay the proper authorities. Title to the fencing remains with Wholesale Vinyl Fencing, LLC. until invoice is paid in full.

***Customer is responsible for unloading materials from truck in all cases***