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Everyone wants a good deal, on top of a good deal you also want a quality product. Wholesale Vinyl Fencing was created because we saw a need to get commercial grade product to the public at a retail price. Most people find fencing from big box stores. What we discovered is they do not offer a commercial grade product, they offer a residential product which is much thinner and uses a much lower standard in vinyl extrusion process. What this means is the vinyl fences at your box stores will fade, crack, chalk and break much faster than a quality commercial grade product. To further complicate things, they are way over priced for what you get! We have found that we can supply a commercial grade fence for less than a residential fence found at a big box store!


First, let’s define commercial grade. What does that mean? When vinyl fence came out back in the early 90s the American Fence Association created a standard that manufactures had to follow to qualify for “commercial grade”. If you install a vinyl fence at any government or commercial facility you have to supply product based on their specifications. A commercial facility has commercial specs. Those specs define what materials go into the extrusion process. Vinyl fence is made out of little granules which contain various materials for strength and wether resistance. I will go further in detail in just a moment. On top of the materials used to create the vinyl there is also a spec for thickness of product. For instance, a post can range from .090 to .150. A residential post can be .090 and will require a 4×4 wood insert because the vinyl is not thick enough to support wind load.

One the opposite end I have seen post that are .150 which sounds great if they are using commercial grade vinyl. There are a hand full of manufactures that do not comply with commercial vinyl specs, they do this because it is cheaper to manufacture the vinyl but the problem is they vinyl is softer which causes rail warp/sag. On top of that it does not have the proper uv inhibitors to last a lifetime “as they claim”. Why do this? It’s a great sales pitch and on the outside, it looks like you are getting a superior product for less. We see it all the time,  a customer gets quoted on what looks like a superior product at a lower cost but the truth is it’s an inferior product and will cost more in the end because it won’t last. Some manufactures provide the extrusion specs some don’t but we have been in the vinyl industry since the beginning and we know what to look for.


To further complicate things there are 2 different extrusion processes. Co-Extrusion and Mono Extrusion. Co-extrusion: This is the most advanced and widely used method today. Our Vinyl fencing is made out of two layers, each containing ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors. The two layers are chemically attached under high pressure and temperature to form a solid, continuous piece. This method of production requires a higher investment in equipment, tooling, training and overall manufacturing. Manufacturer Specifications for Vinyl Fencing Products must satisfy a minimum level of compliance to meet ASTM standards. The American Society for Testing and Materials provides technical standards and product ratings for a wide variety of materials, including vinyl fencing. Products must satisfy a minimum level of compliance to meet ASTM standards. Be aware that some fence manufacturers use pipe specifications, which have lower demands for UV protection and impact resistance. Characteristics of High-Quality Vinyl Fencing Won’t fade or yellow in a short period of time.


UV Inhibitor Made with PVC for long-term durability and resistance which contains a 12 parts of titanium dioxide, a critical additive that protects vinyl from potentially harmful UV rays engineered to accommodate normal temperature swings and changing climatic conditions, our manufacturer has performed accelerated weathering tests on their product and meets ASTM standards. Most manufactures use 8 parts titanium and a residential fence will only use 5-6!!! That is why they turn yellow in the first year! At Wholesale Vinyl Fencing we  manufacture the toughest PVC products which exceed commercial spec. We top that off with the most advanced UV protection, ACCU-Shield. This protective outer layer is engineered to significantly reduce oxidation and the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. To add to our product this shield is added to the inner layer as well for lifetime longevity even in harsh climates. ACCU-Shield protects the color and sheen of our products for a longer period of time. Simply put, there is no better protection under the sun than ACCU-Shield.


Mono-extrusion produces a vinyl fence profile composed of a single layer. Since it only requires one extruder, the fixed-asset investment is far less per profile, and it requires less technical expertise to perform. Monoextrusion is the original way fence and even siding is made. Mono-extrusion is a process that injects a U.V. protector in the entire profile, which sounds good but the inhibitors are not the same quality as those used in Co-extrusion. Now most fence companies use co-extrusion because of its extra uv inhibitors, which is extruded with a capstock (the outer layer) and a substrate (the inner layer).

Ultraviolet inhibitors permeate mono-extruded products, inside and out. This is valuable on the outside of the product, of course, because it protects the vinyl material from sunlight. On the inside, however, ultraviolet inhibitors are unnecessary. You might shrug this off, but UV inhibitors are expensive – in fact, they’re typically the most expensive ingredient in the formula so it’s important to know if the inhibitors are included in both parts of a co-extruded product.


Now we live in this technological world where everyone has a computer in their hands. This  makes it so easy to BUY VINYL FENCE ONLINE . All you have to do is a simple Google search and BAM! You get a list of vinyl distributors ready to offer the world! It is getting tough out there. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. It’s hard to know what you are truly getting when you buy online. Its to easy to make claims on a website that are not true! I can name several competitors that do this!

There are tons of companies that claim they provide a commercial grade vinyl blah blah blah but in actuality they have no idea what goes into their product!!! They make claims to sell the product as if it’s gold when they are selling a polished turd. When you BUY VINYL FENCE ONLINE make sure you purchase from a reputable vinyl fence manufacture. Our company originated in the 1940s. We have seen and used vinyl from just about every manufacture out there and I can assure you that we only provide the best product of todays standards.


So now that you have a good understanding of what to buy the next question is where to buy? Why buy online? We are the AMAZON of vinyl fence. We have 42 warehouses nationwide. You can pickup or have your material delivered. We are the nations largest vinyl fence manufacture so our prices are hard to beat. Not only do we have great prices but our shipping cost are extremely low, since we have a facility in almost every state!

Head over to our page and view our products, if you have any questions please call us. If we need to price match, no problem! We guarantee to beat anyones price if we are comparing the same grade of fence so please, buy vinyl fence online with us today!

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